Month: March 2015

What IS naturalism, really?

A light bulb just went off for me.

There has been much talk lately (on this blog and elsewhere) about the respective merits of naturalism and theism as competing worldview philosophies — emphasis on competing, which implies that they are distinct enough as philosophies so as to be essentially mutually exclusive.  Now, I’ve been a part of this ongoing conversation for a little bit, and every now and then someone with whom I am discussing the issue will make a statement that stuck like a barb into my conscious mind — such as: (more…)


I hope I’m wrong

Before typing a single word of this post, I knew it was going to be a raw one.

I hope my readers don’t mind a little personal transparency — but even if some of them did, it would probably go to show that this may not be the place for them anyway.  I set out on this blogging endeavor hoping to foster a community of individuals who could handle honest, forthright theological discussion without feeling the need to score rhetorical points or use manipulative debate tactics to twist the truth or evade it completely — where people can be open about their own doubts and questions, can admit that they don’t have all the answers without fear of losing the respect of others, can have at least one place in this online world where people are more important than ideas, and ideas are more important than winning.  So, bound up in that vision is this concept of being real — and part of being real is being willing to share at least one real part of you, unadulterated, without makeup, warts and all.  And since I got us into this mess, I suppose I should lead by example.

So here’s my confession, and I imagine it has the potential to alienate people on both sides of the God issue: I hope I’m wrong about God. (more…)

Response to Comment: Evidence for miracles

In my recent post about naturalism, I mentioned a debate where blogger Matthew Ferguson defended naturalism to a Christian radio host — and doggone it if he didn’t respond to my post!  I was honored to attract the attention of such a learned and established writer, but perhaps more than that I was impressed with the clarity and thoroughness of his case. I figured such a response deserved a whole post of its own in answer to it 🙂

The rest of this post will be in response to Matthew’s most recent comment: (more…)

I believe because I WANT to believe

It’s a common story:

I’m having a stimulating discussion with someone who happens not to share my faith in Christ — perhaps the discussion started by my commenting on their blog, or vice-versa.  We’re in the thick of it, and things are just starting to really get good — ideas are flying, experiences and perspectives are being shared, a grand time is being had by all.  And then, it happens: I find myself the unwitting victim of psychoanalysis.

I never made an appointment, I never laid myself down on the leather couch, I certainly never remitted a copay for the visit — and yet, the shift in the situation is explicit, palpable, and undeniable: I am no longer an equal contributor in a horizontal conversation.  I have become, rather, a patient in desperate need of psychological diagnosis — or so I am, in more or less words, made to understand.

I find myself being told why I am a Christian.  And it’s invariably because I want Christianity to be true. (more…)