Month: May 2015

Knowledge, revelation, and reality

As a follow-up to my recent post (and the discussion that came from it), I have decided to illustrate how I view our two main sources of information (Knowledge and Revelation) and their relationship to Reality.  To do this, I have come up with the following diagram — feel free to use it if you wish:

Reality Venn



My imaginary friend revisited

I just wrapped up my long discussion with tildeb, which I genuinely enjoyed but felt it was time to throw in the towel — I felt we just could not take the discussion to the next level.  What I gained from his comments, in an extremely tight nutshell, is that I ought to abandon my Christian worldview because it is based largely upon subjective experience, and thus is just as reliable as delusion or fantasy.  In other words, God is my imaginary friend — or, at least, I have no way of determining whether He’s real or not, so I should favor the delusion hypothesis a priori based solely on the subjective nature of my methodology.

Now, I’ve spoken of the imaginary friend hypothesis before, and I would encourage my readers to give it another look (frankly, I was expecting it to garner more response when I wrote it, but such is life in the blogosphere I suppose).  Today, I would like to springboard off my points from this previous post and ask my readers (mainly those from the naturalism/materialism camp): What compelling reasons are there that I should regard my experience with God, in particular, as delusional?  I mean, sure, I’ll grant you the possibility that God does not exist, that subsequently my experiences of Him have been mostly fabrications of my mind — but what is there beyond mere possibility that this is the case that ought to compel me to accept this as the most likely situation? (more…)