Month: September 2015

I Never Trust Jesters

When I go on vacation (as I most recently did — went out to Mississippi to visit my sister and her husband), I often feel like I could use a second vacation to get back on track with life, one where I shut myself in a room for three days with a stack of Orson Scott Card novels and bolster my opinion that Bean’s character is far superior to Ender’s.  And, perhaps, if I had a more freelance profession like a writer or a life coach or a juggling instructor I could make room in my schedule for such detox — but, alas, as I have neither the education nor the experience to hack it as teacher-to-the-juggling-stars, I’m stuck for the time being as a government stiff in front of a computer, compelled by limited PTO hours to jump back into life’s routine without a running start.

I got back into town on Tuesday after being gone for 8 days, and I still feel like things aren’t quite right yet.  The last thing on my mind the past few days has been formulating thoughtful arguments for the explanatory merits of the Christian faith.

So, to kick-start the intellectual juices and overcome this bout of writer’s block, I’ve decided to ease back into my blogging routine with something a little… lighter than my usual fare 🙂 (more…)