About “Weighing the Evidence”

“Weighing the Evidence” is an endeavor to create a community of people who take seriously the discussion concerning the existence of God, but who have become disillusioned with the manner in which this subject is usually discussed in the online arena.  The question of God’s existence is one that tends to produce high levels of passion and high degrees of division between opposing viewpoints — and thus, when opinions collide, it can become difficult to maintain common decency and respect.  Often we can forget that there is, in fact, a human being on the other side of the computer screen.

This community believes that it need not be this way — that it is, in fact, possible to carry on a respectful, courteous dialogue over the Internet, even about such a divisive issue.  It takes effort to maintain such decorum; and it takes a group of people who are willing to admit that no one person has all the answers right, that it is better to regard disagreement as an opportunity for growth and personal discovery than as an excuse for self-promotion and asserting intellectual superiority — but we believe that such efforts are fruitful, and that such outcomes are possible.

So let’s face it: The discussion of God’s existence is not a matter of intelligence, for some of the most intelligent individuals in human history find themselves at opposites extremes of the faith spectrum.  It’s not inherently “smarter” to be an atheist or a theist — and if this is contrary to what you believe, then we invite you to spectate the dialogue here and see for yourself the best evidences posited by either side.  Perhaps you will find the issue less cut-and-dry than you had previously taken it to be.

If you would like to read more about the formation of the group, check out the Introduction.  If you’d like more information on our ideals, check out The Rules.

Happy discussing, fellow recovering intellectuals.



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