#LoveWins, #GodWins: From a Christian who celebrates with you

This one deserves a reblog. Beautifully and incisively written. I’m not sure where I stand with CC on the doctrinal issues, but I don’t have to be — the emphasis on love is enough for me 🙂 One of the best posts I’ve read in awhile.

The Counterfeit Christian

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#LoveWins. You’ve seen the hashtag everywhere lately, and for such a joyous reason. With my heart returning to Jesus, where do I stand on this issue? I’ve read one too many blog posts titled something like “Open Letter to the Homosexual Community from a Christian.” They all start off the same way—they suck you in with an apology for how Christians have wronged gay people. It’s true…we do owe gay people an apology. The problem with these blog posts is that they’re apologizing for the wrong thing. They apologize for hating gay people instead of just hating their “sin,” and they try to cultivate comaraderie by saying they’re just like them with sins of their own. What they fail to understand is that gay people would probably rather be hated than told, “I love you, but…” What they fail to understand is that comparing another person’s sexuality to their…

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Weakness or Strength?

Hello everyone!  As a follow-up to my last post where I commented on the success of this blog so far with regard to its initial goals and vision… I have a question for my readers, for I’m curious where most of you stand.  Thanks for your feedback — comments are encouraged 🙂