SCOTUS moves away from the Rights of Children towards a “Right to Children”

When I heard about the SCOTUS ruling, my first instinct was to be happy for those who fought so hard for this victory. Sure, I’m a Bible-believing Christian, and sure, I believe what the Bible says about homosexuality — but, 1) this was by no means a surprise, and 2) I really do love gays, and I’m glad that they’re happy. My personal religious feelings notwithstanding, I’ve long since stopped looking to the civil authorities to validate or uphold my religious convictions — in the world and not of it, you know.

Then I read a post like this one, and I see a perspective that really should be at the foremost of this discussion but that no one seems to be addressing. I say brava.

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140928-supreme-court-gay-marriage-jms-2127_ce52d0ea6d6efb1ce1bd1e4a2c48ddd4A savvy blogger would have had two post’s written for BOTH possible rulings in the hopper today but, well, nope. Instead I’ve been spending my week at the beach with my kids, my mom, and her partner enjoying lazy mornings, tracking sand EVERYWHERE and damaging our locks with seawater. Heaven really.

I have spent a great amount of time this week reflecting on how blessed I am to have two such quality women in my life. My mom’s partner came into our lives when I was ten and brought with her a tender heart, a passion for new passions and an affinity for good music. I truly love and respect her. I also cannot not repeat enough that most of what I do well as a mother, I do because that’s how my mother parented me. She is an exceptional mother.  If her partner would have had children, she would have totally rocked motherhood; it’s evident in…

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