I’m thoroughly enjoying the tennis match with my friend Captain Cassidy ūüėÄ I really do¬†hope the feeling is mutual¬†— she seems to be pretty sporting about it all so far, so I think I’m not overstepping my bounds to hope that¬†she’s also getting something out of our exchange. ¬†Thanks also to others who have weighed in on the matter — I’ve gotten to meet several new people so far, which is always a good thing! ¬†Y’all are very welcome, make yourselves at home ūüôā

This time, I must thank the good Captain for introducing me to a new term: PRATT, which stands for “Point Refuted A Thousand Times.” ¬†In her recent article, she establishes the groundwork for this term and then outlines a list of examples of such that I am supposed to have employed against her. ¬†(The points she made therein seemed very similar to those she made in her first response.) ¬†Some are fair points, others I’m pretty¬†sure are not so fair — and some are more addressed at my tactics than my points themselves. ¬†(If you’re interested in my answer to some of these points, feel welcome to check out my response article and my direct response to her comment.) ¬†All, however, seem to come with a hefty dose of caricature, to the point where even I can’t find much about them to take seriously (even though I¬†am supposed to have¬†said them myself).

However,¬†the¬†article the Captain cited¬†on RationalWiki that dealt with PRATTs had a few examples of its own — and, since they seem to be the authority on the matter, I figure I’ll go right to the source. (more…)