Theological Debate on Facebook

Happy Monday, everyone!

As a new blogger, I’m doing my best to look at my site with critical eyes often, and I have a suspicion that my posts might tend to be a bit too long, on average, to encourage and facilitate robust discussion — which, in itself, is a violation of one of my own guidelines, for I understand that people’s time is valuable, and “brevity is the soul of wit,” as Polonius wisely stated.  (Come to think of it, he didn’t often take his own advice either — what a rat.)

On the other hand, with a topic such as this, sometimes lengthy explanations are necessary in order to provide a thorough portrait of my thought process.  Nevertheless, I think I shall try, from now on, to limit such lengthy posts to once a week at most, and for the most part keep my entries succinct.  Hopefully this will lead to more discussion and interaction, which is the chief purpose of this blog; for I want to hear what y’all have to say — I already know what I sound like 😉

In the spirit of such a resolution (is it too late to call it a New Year’s Resolution?), today I would like to put out a brief plug for the religious discussion site on Facebook that actually is responsible for giving me hope that religion can be discussed with civility and mutual respect.  It’s called Theological Debate, and being a closed group (to prevent activity therein from spamming your friends) you will need to put in a request to join if you wish to check it out.

It’s a small group, but the atmosphere of discussion is unlike anything I’ve seen before on other such sites, for all active members have grown to appreciate the demeanor of the group and thus each actively strives to maintain it.  If you’re into theological discussion (which I hope you are, having found your way here), I recommend popping your head in and seeing if it’s a forum that appeals to you.

Thanks, as always, for reading, and have a great start to your week!


The Christian Challenge

I was reading limey’s blog earlier and came across this post where he refers to this other post from thebiblereader, where the latter poses ten questions that he challenges Christians to answer.  Challenge accepted!  I welcome any thoughts and feedback. (more…)

What’s Your Favorite Discipline?

Hello Readers!  Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

When discussing the existence of God, the realms of evidence to be considered quite literally span the gamut of possible disciplines; there’s applicable information to be considered everywhere, from cosmology to history to philosophy to mathematics.

Most every great thinker I’ve heard on the subject, whether they be for or against the existence of the Almighty, usually specialize in one discipline: Dawkins in biology, Lennox in mathematics, Ehrman and Habermas in history, etc.  So it got me curious which specialties were more common among the readers of this blog.  (I’m a philosophy guy myself.)

Feel free to weigh in on the poll below — and, as always, your comments are most welcome!

Are you a recovering intellectual?

My name is Seth, and I’m a recovering intellectual.

I say intellectual not because I consider myself intelligent, but rather to describe my typical approach when interacting with the world.  I am most comfortable in situations that can be understood and resolved intellectually. My knee-jerk reaction is usually to attempt to rationalize, analyze, and deduce.

I say recovering because I have come to realize that this approach is not always the most appropriate. (more…)